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  • Prince2 Certification (Create by AXELOS)
  • PRINCE2 Foundation
    USD$1700 in 1 payment
  • PRINCE2 Practitioner
    *Prerequisites : PRINCE2 Foundation

    USD$2000 in 1 payment

  • PRINCE2 Agile Foundation
    *Prerequisites : PRINCE2 Foundation

    USD$1700 in 1 payment

  • PRINCE2 Agile
    *Prerequisites : PRINCE2 Foundation

    USD$2000 in 1 payment

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What you need to know about PRINCE2 Certifications

What is PRINCE2 Project Management?

Project management is a course that is very vital and therefore it should be a compulsory mastery of every individual today. The project management knowledge is important and vital for the efficient and effective management of all kinds of projects. Project in Controlled Environment abbreviated as PRINCE2 is a methodological-based process (PRINCE2 methodology) that prepares and equips you with crucial skills in mastering the knowledge of project management at every level. As a result, the course is highly recommendable for everyone wishing to be at the helm of organizational or individual project management.

PRINCE2 Certification

PRINCE2 test requires that learners take various courses of training. The training usually comes packaged in three distinctive courses. You can either choose to study online or offline for the PRINCE2 multiple courses. Besides, one can select the option of taking an exam or doing away with them. For certification, each course has notes that you should read before sitting for an exam. The courses include the following;

PRINCE2 Foundation

The course is the introductory part of the training. Here, you are given an orientation to PRINCE 2 project management method. All the terminologies, the themes, and principles of project management are well explored to set the ground of studying the other PRINCE2 courses.

PRINCE2 Practitioner

PRINCE2 Practitioner is one of the three courses offered under this training. It is the most basic, and it aims at the foundational integration of an application of the method in the management of real projects in life. During the training here, you are given a real plan to work on using the knowledge you have acquired.


Agile comes as the third and last course that you can take. It is a course that equips you with the know-how of combining several agile ways with the frameworks of PRINCE2 in managing projects. In terms of knowledge, the agile course combines both the foundation and the practitioner levels of training.


PRINCE2 is a rigorous process that has various models and unique templates that give you directional steps to follow when running a project. It is more of a methodology than a guide.

On the contrary, PMP is a standardized guide that consists of a load of professional steps and a universally accepted format of managing a project. You can refer to PMP as a guide or reference to the management of projects as you can be able to gauge the success of the method you have adopted to run a particular project.

Concluding the above-presented distinction between PMP and PRINCE2, we can deduct that PRINCE2 is far much direct and practical-oriented than PMP. PMP is a manual or a working guide for project managers.

Importance of PRINCE2 Certification to your Career and Future

PRINCE2 Certification is of particular significance to a lot of people. It is much use to executives and directors who have been trusted to run projects in various organizations. PRINCE2 well suits project managers and all other individuals who are interested in getting knowledge of managing projects. The people mentioned above will have a huge benefit in getting this valuable skill. They will learn practical and efficient control of resources in the management of projects. Eventually, they will become the best risk-takers in business projects.

In a real sense, PRINCE2 will play a very crucial role in boosting and raising your salary at the place of work. Once you train in it, you add more value to your expertise and your employer will probably notice your great skill and give you a promotion. Undoubtedly a development will result in a salary increment. No one is as important as a project manager in any organization.

Nothing counts more than your future in everything. You need to have something tangible for your retirement to avoid suffering. PRINCE2 knowledge will aid you in managing your projects. It ensures that all your projects run successfully and this gives you the success that you need to sustain all your needs at old age.

We also make it very easy for you to pass your exams. All we aim at is ensuring you score the best to be given the certification that will move you to greater career height. Do not fear for we are behind you to ensure you pass.

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